1st Myanmar Reader

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Maturity: Stable Released on: Saturday, 11 August 2012 12:54 Viewed: 5775 times

1st Myanamar Reader is Burmese Script (Zawgyi-One font) supported android RSS Reader.

[✔] 100% Free.
[✔] No need root user access.
[✔] No need to change UI font.
[✔] No need to install Zawgyi-One font.
[✔] Support input text display (Zawgyi-One font).

How to use 1st Myanmar Reader

Go fan page and Get more information

[✔] automated feed updates
[✔] simplified URL entering
[✔] widget (n/a on apps2sd by android restrictions)
[✔] adjustable notifications
[✔] NO ads
[✔] NO search for feeds
[✔] OPML support
[✔] proxy support
[✔] feed sort
[✔] automated backups to sd card (unencrypted)

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